Installation Guide

Dear Users,

Please follow the below directions in order to install IEM-Engine to your Interspire Email Marketer.

  1. Create a folder with any name in your IEM root folder. Let’s support you create a folder named “engine”.
  2. Extract IEM-Engine compressed folder.
  3. Upload all files and folders inside to your newly created folder i.e engine.
  4. Now go to your domain where IEM is installed and write folder name/install.php in the end e.g if your interspire is installed at then go to
  5. It will ask you for the installation key, admin username and password.
  6. Input the key which you got while purchasing your license, write any desired user name and password and press submit.
  7. If you get successful message, it means IEM-Engine is installed now.
  8. Delete install.php file from the folder and start using the application.

Note: You'll need Ioncube loaders installed in your server in order to make IEM-Engine run. You can download Ioncube loaders here. You can find installation guide of Ioncube loaders here.


Thank You

Wasif Ahmad
Interspire Mods


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