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Please follow the instructions below to find out how can you integrate IMAuto3 design on your Interspire Shopping Cart.

  1. Download the compressed file named "IMAuto3" from your client area after purchase.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Upload the content within main folder into your root directory of Interspire installation.
  4. Now log into your admin panel.
  5. Click on "Store Design" link which can be found in top links.
  6. Now you must be seeing an added template named "IMAuto3", click on "Apply This Template". Now on the same page, click on "Logo" tab and Create a new logo image for your store based on this store design (if you don't have a designed logo).
  7. Navigate to "Marketing" -> "View Banners".
  8. Create a banner with any name e.g "Home Page Slider". In Banner Content, click on the small last icon "HTML". It will pop-up a new box where you'll need to write the below codes.

  9. <div id="wrapper1">
    <ul id="slider1">
    <li><img class="__mce_add_custom__" title="1.jpg" src="product_images/uploaded_images/IMauto3-1.jpg" alt="1.jpg" width="980" height="355" /></li>
    <li><img class="__mce_add_custom__" title="1.jpg" src="product_images/uploaded_images/IMauto3-2.jpg" alt="2.jpg" width="980" height="355" /></li>
    <li><img class="__mce_add_custom__" title="1.jpg" src="product_images/uploaded_images/IMauto3-3.jpg" alt="3.jpg" width="980" height="355" /></li>
    <li><img class="__mce_add_custom__" title="1.jpg" src="product_images/uploaded_images/IMauto3-4.jpg" alt="4.jpg" width="980" height="355" /></li>
    <li><img class="__mce_add_custom__" title="1.jpg" src="product_images/uploaded_images/IMauto3-5.jpg" alt="5.jpg" width="980" height="355" /></li>

  10. Now Navigate to "Settings" -> "Store Settings" (can be found in top links).
  11. Click on "Images" tab and Set Storewide Thumbnail to 144 x 149.
  12. Now click on "Display" tab and set Featured Products and New Products to 12.
  13. Click Save.

You are all done. Please rate this topic if it helped you with the installation.

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