Software Installation

Software Installation

Not all the software are installed with a NEXT NEXT wizard like most of the system based utilities or desktop software. There are software known as applications that run with server support and need resources to properly function, can sometime need relatively complicated setup and installation process to go through from. Some may need a proper configuration before you can actually start using them. HostingsHouse is team of professional techs can help you will all followings, a trouble free installation of simple programs and expert level services for all complex installs.

Requirement Checkup

Software that aren’t universal may need to meet specific resource requirements. We would go through from all requirements and compatibility checks before installation.


Not all software runs swiftly just merely with a simple install, some extra resources need to be configured and settings may need to be optimized for functioning.

System Design

In some of the cases one requires multiple apps for complete functioning, i.e. Mumara as front end injector with PMTA mail server, we can help you with these types of installs also.

API Configuration

If you are in need to use the API infrastructure of software to programmatically interact with other application i.e. WHCMS APIs, we’ll help you out with this in a proper way.

Don't have IT Staff? No Worries..

Buying a new server and don’t have your own IT staff to install important utilities and software, setting up mail server or want to configure an auto billing/invoicing software for your current business infrastructure? Team HH can help like it has helped by partnering with several startups and enterprises to cater their IT and software setup needs.

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